My best friend

What is friendship? Thera are many descriptions and it is always about how you relate to someone else. This poem shows another view.

I am my own best friend,
But wasn't aware of that.
I searched and searched in every place
But felt forgotten and sad.
I asked everyone to hold me close
And said: "Please, help me to live",
But never they gave me what I need.
How could they ever give ...

... What I carry deep inside,
My true Self also known as my essence.
It helps me to live my life
And guides me through my lessons.
My essence knows what's best for me,
Knows of a higher plan.
It lets me know what I must do
And just asks to follow, then.

My essence is my own best friend
That connects me to All there Is inside,
And together we are on our way
To experience like a child.
To learn all that I don't know yet
Or recognize in me,
So that finally I understand and see
Who I really am and want to be.

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