Amélie in the forest

Amélie i skogen

On a sunny autumn day, Amélie walks in the forest with her mom and dad and her baby sister in the pram. They see a large mushroom along the forest path. It has a white stem and a red hat with white dots. “Don’t touch it”, says her mother, “that’s a fly agaric. It is very beautiful, but also poisonous. It gives you a terrible stomach ache, ouch! ” Momma puts her hand on her stomach and makes a funny face. Amélie laughs.

Amélie has just learned a song about a gnome on a mushroom, red with white dots. Is there a gnome around here too? She leans forward and takes a good look. She sees that there is a door in the stem of the mushroom. And that door opens! A gnome comes out. “Hello Amélie, are you coming for a cup of tea with me?” he asks.

Amélie knows exactly what to do. She shrinks herself just as much as is needed to fit through the door without touching anything. Inside she sees a small table with two chairs. There is a tea-set on the table. Just like the one she has at home. The gnome pours a cup of strawberry tea for both. It is very cozy and Amélie wants to stay, but outside her mother calls: “Amélie, now we will continue. There is a hollow tree over there. What would be in there? Are you coming?”

Amélie finishes her tea and steps outside again without touching the mushroom. The gnome asks: “Will you come back again?” “Yes, very often!” Amélie replies, “but first I’m going to the hollow tree with mom and dad. See you!”
Dad is already a little ahead with the pram. Mom and Amélie walk towards him and together they continue their walk along the forest path.

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