About me

Hey, my name is Nicolette

There are many ways to look for answers to questions about life. For a long time I thought that answers coming from science were the surest. Don’t objectivity and proof provide the best view of reality?
Once after I had found a lot of evidence around a question – in which case it was about the influence of music on our feelings – I wanted to share it in a playful way. I wanted to simplify the facts found in such a way that they would come into their own in a children’s story. I sat down in front of it with pen and paper and waited for something to bubble up. In my fantasy a frog appeared. Just a little one, not a big toad. That little frog was like a child and just as curious as I was. It started looking for something special, although it did not know what that could be. Its experiences did not include grand adventures. Everything took place around the place where he lived. And there too was a world of feelings and reactions to be found.
Writing was easy. Often times I felt that it was the frog writing and not me. It did not come to processing scientific evidence. The simplicity of that little frog got to me so much that science faded into the background. This gave a different perspective. It was really nice to re-enter the children’s world where nothing has to be proven, but everything is researched. Where nothing is objective, but simply true. Children’s logic provides creative answers and a clear view.
In addition to science, we often look for answers in religion or esotericism. One person says: God exists, another says: God does not exist. But both talk about the same thing, a child knows that. On this website you will find stories about all kinds of subjects and for all ages, written by my inner child. I hope they cause you to ask: What about me then? How do I experience that? And that you let a light shine on it from your inner child.

The door is ajar, you can open it yourself.